punk rock
you lil shit


i feel like green haired michael was a beautiful thing that we all took for granted

i am actually so happy with my life right now for once
*everything fucks up*
Beautiful features of each sign:


Aries: Cheekbones

Taurus: doe eyes

Gemini: Youthfulness

Cancer: Emotive eyes

Leo: mane of hair

Virgo: gentle features

Libra: Dimpled cheeks/ cleft chin

Scorpio: Deep, intense eyes

Sagittarius: Glowing smiles

Capricorn: Bone structure

Aquarius: handsome features

Pisces: Hypnotic eyes


IF YOU ONLY LIKED 5SOS AFTER SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT THEN good on you, mate. if you want to borrow a cd or some merch from me then feel free to ask. i’m glad that you’re part of the fam.